Caricatures Bernie Tennis at work drawing caricatures
by Bernie Tennis
Caricature of Bernie Tennis

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About me:

Like many people, I loved to draw and paint as a child. Also like many people I dropped this activity sometime in my teen years when other interests arose. Though somewhere in the back of my mind the art bug was just waiting to bite again.

After receiving a degree in an unrelated field I discovered that my work did not provide me with a great deal of satisfaction, so I set about rediscovering the artist within. I enrolled in university art courses and began drawing and painting constantly. Though I would draw anything, my favorite subjects have always been people. Gradually I began to move into the business of portraits and caricatures.

Most of my work is done live at parties, festivals, art shows, weddings, and every other type of event imaginable. I use Caran d’Ache painting crayons and lithographic crayons, which produce pastel and charcoal effects, but are permanent (no smearing occurs and no fixative spray is required). Part of what I do is in the process, the show. It's entertainment for everyone, as well as drawings. A line of people waiting to be drawn usually forms and others may stop to observe. Everyone enjoys the show. They joke and laugh with one another, ask questions, or tease their friends who are being drawn.

While I work I keep my primary objective in mind: to produce a personalized drawing which draws upon the uniqueness of each individual.

Please feel free to contact me with questions about my services.