Caricatures Caricature by Bernie of Couple drinking beer and wine
by Bernie Tennis

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Commissioned caricatures are great for:

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I will do color or B/W commissioned caricatures - single persons or groups. Drawings can be head/shoulders or full body. Either way I will focus on the face to get a true likeness. I will work from photos or sittings. However, since most commissions are to be gifts, photos are more common.

I will work as many special elements into the caricature as desired: clothing, action, props, setting. I generally put singles on 14X18 paper and drawings of two or more people on 18X24 paper.

Normally I like to have several photos of the subject(s). My process is to do preliminary sketches of each person and the overall layout, and get approval from the client before beginning the final drawing.

Photo quality and accuracy are very important for a good likeness.

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Please call or email me with your requirements and I will provide a quote.