Fine Art Portraits Watercolor portrait by Bernie of a man in profile
by Bernie Tennis
Fine Art Watercolor portrait of a Woman in an Orange Scarf

Fine Art Portraits in Watercolor

This page is different from the rest of my website. Yes, I also do formal portraits as well as caricatures. I use watercolor for my portrait work. It is my favorite medium, capable of subtle blendings of color, vibrant skin tomes, and exciting spontaneous effects.

Check out some examples of my portrait work!

I can work from photos or sittings. If time allows and the subject is willing I may work entirely from life. Many of the examples were done this way. But usually it is a combination of photos and sittings. I often will need to take some photos in addition to those supplied. Even when working primarily from photos I prefer to spend time with the subject in person doing a series of preliminary sketches.

I treat each portrait as an individual piece, the result of a person’s unique appearance and personality. My goal is to paint an accurate portrait, while producing a work of art that reflects my style.

Please call or email me with what you have in mind. I will probably want to see a few photos and ask some questions… then I will provide a quote specifically tailored to each portrait.