Caricatures Caricature of couple at a summer event
by Bernie Tennis
Caricature by Bernie of couple with baby

Booking Bernie Tennis Caricatures

I'm based in Madison, Wisconsin and book my caricature entertainment throughout the upper Midwest.

At booked events, I always arrive 20-30 minutes early. I allow time to meet my contact, find my location, and get set up. I begin drawing promptly at the start of the booked time. I bring my own easel, all materials, and lights. All I require from the client are 3 chairs and access to electricity (if indoors).

I draw as many people as I can within the time booked. I always keep track of the number of people waiting. As the end of my booked time approaches I will cut off my line so that no one waits needlessly. If a client wishes me to stay longer than the booked time, and my schedule allows, I am usually willing to arrange it.

Please call or email me to obtain a quote or book your event: